Cleopatra is an upcoming malayalam movie directed by Rajan Sankaradi who had earlier directed films like ‘Guruji Oru Vakku’ and Meenathil Thalikettu’. Cleopatra would be a multilingul films that would be simultaneously made in Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu. Vineeth and Manoj K Jayan do the male lead role in this film. The shooting of the films would start on the 1st NovemberWeird is the word that springs to mind, when you get to watch the initial few scenes of the film ‘Cleopatra’, which has decided on its name for some real unknown reason. I couldn’t make even a real wild guess as to why it has been named ‘Cleopatra’, and if there was some clue lying somewhere around, I’m sure I must have missed it.

That isn’t much of a sob story when you get to hear the tale that the ghost (Aswathy) tells him. She was actually an orphan who fell in love with another orphan (Vineeth), who in turn, used to look after several orphaned senior citizens. It was all nice, until he moved abroad, and she got killed. That’s what the suspense is all about, and I better not get into the gory details.Cleopatra Malayalam Movie Stills

Phew! So that’s what ‘Cleopatra’ is all about, and after many discussions, he starts writing her story. The villain does walk in too, and gets bumped off in no time. It’s all pretty abrupt, and you are definitely glad when it’s all over.

To say that the writing is bad would be an understatement. And the making does no justice to the writing, and together it’s a mishamash of a movie that is a royal pain. The redeeming factors, are non-existent, and I couldn’t find a reason why I should recommend this for a viewing.

This is the kind of a film that drives you into a passive mood, and before long, you have resigned yourself to your fate. You grow non-expectant, murmur a bit to yourself and then fall silent, aghast at the way things are moving forward. It all culminates in pure dejection.

The film does have seasoned actors like Vineeth and Manoj K Jayan, but this is no ‘Sargam’, believe me. Aswathy is quite good in the role that she has been provided with, but there is little that any of these actors can do to salvage the film

Nayan to Romance


Nayanthara is currently busy wrapping up her remake project ‘Anamika’, and has now been confirmed by Tollywood director Maruthi for his next film. For the third time, Nayan is to romance Telugu’s leading actor Venkatesh, for this film. The two were earlier seen together in ‘Lakshmi’ and ‘Tulasi’ and the third in line has been tentatively titled ‘Radha’.

Venky and Nayan earlier worked for hit films like Lakshmi and Tulasi and now, the couple is all set to team up for the third time. It was also reported that the film has been titled Radha and would go on the floors in January 2014. A source close to the director, says, “The unit has finalized Venky and Nayan as the lead pair and the director is currently giving final touches to the script. The film would be a different romantic, family entertainer and the director wants to showcase the lead pair in a unique way.”Maruthi is right now busy shooting the final portions of ‘Kotta Janta’, meanwhile firming up and adding final touches to the story of ‘Radha’, and he will be hopping over to his new script early next year. The film is likely to go on the floors by January 2014. ‘Radha’ comes with a promise from the director, as being a unique family entertainer.

I am not a liar: Swetha Menon

nov1302swethamenon1Kochi: Swetha Menon continued to be in a state of shock over the incidents that happened on October 1 at Kollam and said, “I am not a


“I am in a state of sh

e to him about what happened,” said Menon.ock over the incidents that happened Friday and I am deeply hurt in the manner in which the Kollam district collector has refuted I spok

“I want justice because I have been picturised as a liar and I can’t take this,” added Menon who broke down while speaking to reporters in her home, here.

“I will write to Chief Minister Oommen Chandy on what has happened,” said Menon.

Chandy earlier in the day had told reporters he had not received any complaint and if  she gives one, it would be taken up.

Menon Saturday morning said let “visuals speak” after TV channels showed a lawmaker trying to cosy up to her during a boat race. The parliamentarian denied the charge.

Menon stopped short of naming the politician.

“Let the visuals speak … I could have reacted instantly but since I am not interested in creating news, I did not,” said Menon while answering a reporter’s question whether the politician was Kollam Lok Sabha member and Congress leader Peethamabara Kurup.